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Face Blind – #1 in the Glastonbury Tales

Summit of Glastonbury Tor, with the tower casting a long shadow.

Corin’s been left face blind by the car crash that killed his ex: even people he’s known for years now look like strangers to him. Running from his guilt and new-found social anxiety, he’s moved to Glastonbury where he knows no one.

Adam left Glastonbury at sixteen, escaping from his emotionally distant mother to the father who’d left them seven years previously. Now, at twenty-five, he’s come back home to try to reconnect with his mother and sister—but in a cruel twist of fate, his mother dies before he can talk to her, leaving more questions than answers.

When they meet again after a spooky encounter on Glastonbury Tor, Adam lays siege to the walls Corin’s built around himself, and they start to crumble. But there are ghosts haunting both of them, and while Adam longs to believe in contact from beyond the veil, Corin’s guilt and fear leave him in angry denial. Meanwhile, neither Corin nor Adam is quite sure what’s real, and what’s just a trick of the mind—or maybe something worse.

 Due out from Riptide Publishing – 10 October 2022

Will be available to pre-order in ebook and paperback: Riptide