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A Feminine Flirty Dozen

Together for the first time, twelve short stories of women loving women from award-winning author JL Merrow. Some are funny, some are sweet, some are steamy—and some are haunting, with genres ranging from steampunk through paranormal to fairy tale, and from contemporary erotic romance to historical.

Meet shapeshifters and spirits of the forest, enjoy a lovers’ reunion and watch friends become something more. Encounter strange creatures, automata, and women on both sides of the law. See two of Jane Austen’s minor characters find love together, and others find hope amid the ruins, as JL Merrow explores the feminine side of life—and love.

Contains the stories: London Lark; First Time; Nine Days and Seven Tears; Capture the Moon; A Particular Friend; Wild Flowers of Berlin; Trolling for Cupcakes; Little Bit of Ivory; Ice Maiden; Dance With Me; Belling the Kat; Blazing June

Available now in ebook: JMS Books Amazon

Due out in paperback March 2020

Bloodlust and Bylines

Investigative journalist Frank would do anything for the next big scoop, and a chance to break the news to the world that vampires really exist is too good to pass up. But his fact-finding mission to an undead hangout takes a terrifying turn when he’s locked in a cellar with a starving—if sexy—bloodsucker and no escape in sight.

Forlorn vampire Viktor hasn’t had a bite in months, ever since falling foul of über-vamp The Mistress and being imprisoned for his sins. Delivered to his cell like Meals on Wheels, Frank’s the tastiest morsel he’s seen in a long time. Viktor can’t wait to get his fangs into him—and there’s something about Frank that makes Viktor lust for more than just his blood.

To escape the mysterious Mistress’s prison, predator and prey will have to work together—if, that is, they can manage to rein in their baser appetites for long enough!

Note: this short story was previously published under the title Becoming the Spoils

Due to be re-released in ebook 18th April 2020 from JMS Books

Hairy, Horny and Over Here

Local news photographer Ethan is pretty sure there’s no such thing as a jackalope. Every bunny he’s ever seen has been a cute little furry creature, not a dangerous, horned beastie.  But somehow he lets big, tough American hunter Logan drag him into Parkhurst Forest on the Isle of Wight on what Ethan’s convinced is a wild goose chase.

Logan’s on a mission to wipe out the jackalope colony he’s convinced has been brought to the island by a madman. He’s got a healthy respect for the vicious critters, which is more than he seems to have for the less physically imposing Ethan.

But when an escaped convict from a nearby prison bursts into the mix, all their plans are thrown awry. Seeing Ethan at the mercy of the violent criminal brings Logan’s true feelings for the smaller guy out into the open—and what happens next could lead to a change of heart about the jackalopes as well!

Note: this short story has been previously published.

Due to be re-released in ebook May 2020 from JMS Books

Stroke to His Cox

Pint-sized Dave Tanaka, coxswain of his Cambridge college’s rowing team, loves having eight strapping athletes hanging on his every word, their strength at his command. But there’s one in particular whose attention he craves: Archie, who rows stroke for the side.

Six-foot-six Archie acts like he’s just one of the lads—although the way he calls out some of the other rowers on their thoughtless comments makes Dave’s heart beat harder for him. But is there anything personal in it?

Tensions rise as they compete in the inter-college races, the Bumps—and as they prepare for their final race, the one that will determine if they win their oars, Dave still doesn’t know if Archie is in the same boat as him in more ways than one!

Also includes Firm Pressure, a mini-sequel to Stroke to His Cox

Note: this short story has been previously published.

Due to be re-released in ebook May/June 2020 from JMS Books

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