Titles previously published by Samhain

Sadly, Samhain Publishing closed its doors at the end of February 2017, meaning 17 of my books are/have been temporarily unavailable. The following books are affected:

Southampton Stories:

Pricks and Prag 200x300.72dpihardtail_de-samhained-jpeg-200-300

These two titles will once more be available, this time exclusively on Amazon for the first 3 months, in March 2017.

They will be re-released under my Sea Singer imprint.

Re-release dates:

Pricks & Pragmatism – Southampton Stories #1 Now available
Hard Tail– Southampton Stories #2 Now available


muscling_through_200 To_Love_a_Traitor_400

Muscling Through and To Love a Traitor are to be re-released by JMS Books, with new covers, in both ebook and paperback. Planned dates:

Muscling Through : Now available

To Love a Traitor : Now available

fallhard_de-samhained-jpeg-200-300 SLAM!72web raisingtherent_de-samhained-jpeg-200_300

Re-release dates for these three standalones:

Fall Hard  Now available
Slam!  Now available
Raising the Rent Now available

The plan is for them to appear on KU for the first 3 months, then on other platforms after that.  They will be re-released under my Sea Singer imprint.

The books I’m releasing under my Sea Singer imprint are unlikely to reappear in paperback soon, as the vast majority of my sales are in ebook form.  Some copies may still be available in paperback on Amazon for a while.

The Shamwell Tales

Caught-200x300 Played-200x300 Out-200x300

Riptide Publishing will be republishing my Shamwell Tales in fresh new covers, and they’re now available for pre-order, with release dates as follows:


Caught!  5 Jun 2017

Played!  12 Jun 2017

Out!  26 Jun 2017

Shamwell Tales Collection (#1 – #3): 5 Jun 2017

And Spun! (the brand new Shamwell Tales #4) will be out on 3rd July

The Plumber’s Mate Series


Riptide Publishing will be republishing my Plumber’s Mate Mysteries in fresh new covers, which I’ll reveal to you when I can. Dates TBA. Meanwhile I’m hard at work on Plumber’s Mate #5. 🙂

Other standalones: