Tales of the Unexpurgated – with giveaway!

Happy Banned Books Week everyone!


I’m delighted to be celebrating Freedom to Read over at The Novel Approach today – why not pop on over, read some Tales of the Unexpurgated and maybe let me know about your own favourite banned books?

All commenters over at The Novel Approach will be entered into a draw to win an ebook from my backlist. Good luck!🙂


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Rainbow Snippets is Visibly Bisexual

In celebration of Bisexual Visibility Week, here’s a snippet from Lovers Leap where, for a change, the bi guy really is confused. Only not about his sexuality. It’s about everyone else’s.😉

In this snippet, Liz is explaining to Michael that her romance with a trans woman doesn’t mean she’s attracted to guys:

Liz got right up in Michael’s face, her eyes narrowed to little slits like a snake’s. “I’ve got no problem with dicks. Well, not actual dicks, anyway. It’s the man on the other end I’ve got a problem with.”


“Jesus, do I have to spell it out? Lesbian.”

“Yeah, but . . . Girls are great, yeah, don’t get me wrong. But blokes are too. And if it’s not the actual tackle you’re objecting to, what is it?” He whirled to face Rufus. “Come to that, what you got against tits?”

Rufus hesitated, put on the spot. “Um, they wobble?”

rainbow snippits scissors

Don’t forget to check out the rainbow snippets Facebook group for more little excerpts from a whole host of talented authors.



Lovers Leap

LoversLeap_200x300If they looked, would they ever leap?

Good-looking, confident, and doted on by his widowed mum, Michael is used to thinking only of himself. Getting shoved off an Isle of Wight pier by an exasperated ex ought to come as a wake-up call—but then he meets Rufus and he’s right back to letting the little head take charge. Rufus is cute, keen, and gets under Michael’s skin in a disturbing way.

Would-be chef Rufus can’t believe his luck when a dripping wet dream of a man walks out of the sea on his birthday, especially when Michael ends up staying at the family B&B. Life is perfect—at least until Michael has to go home to the mainland.

Rufus can’t leave the island for reasons he’s entirely neglected to mention. And though Michael identifies as bi, breaking his mum’s heart by coming out and having an actual relationship with a guy has never been his plan. With both men determined to keep their secrets, a leap of faith could land them in deep water.

Riptide  | Amazon | ARe

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Rainbow Snippets is better late than never

Oops! I have a feeling I’ve missed a few weeks of posting snippets. I blame everything on UK Meet eating my brain, coupled with having to kit out the youngest Merrowlet for sixth form (and that was a drama in itself) and see the firstborn off back to Uni (sniffle).

So in keeping with the back-to-school theme (and because I’m currently writing Shamwell #4) here’s a snippet from my first Shamwell Tale, Caught!  featuring hapless teacher Robert:

All was peaceful for a moment as I carried on shepherding form 2E into St Saviour’s Church, tins and jars for Harvest Festival clutched in tiny hands. Thirty pairs of eyes (actually, twenty-nine and a half; Jodie was wearing a patch for her lazy eye) searched eagerly for sight of parents and grannies. I gazed out on the sea of female and/or wrinkly faces in the pews and wondered idly if there was any job in the world, anywhere, that was worse for meeting men than the average primary-school teaching post. Father confessor in a nunnery, maybe? Avon cosmetics rep? Or one of those poor sods who went round emptying the sanitary bins they put in ladies’ loos?

[As this is a gay romance, it’s probably not a spoiler to say he meets his man on the very next page! *g*]

rainbow snippits scissors

Don’t forget to check out the rainbow snippets Facebook group for more little excerpts from a whole host of talented authors.



caught72webYou can run from the past…but the past runs faster

Shamwell Tales, Book 1

Behind Robert’s cheerfully eccentric exterior lies a young heart battered and bruised by his past. He’s
taken a job teaching in a village primary school to make a fresh start, and love isn’t part of his plans. But he’s knocked for six—literally—by a chance encounter with the uncle of two of his pupils.

Sean works in pest control, rides a motorbike, and lives on a council estate. On the face of it, he shouldn’t have anything in common with Robert’s bow-tie, classic-car style and posh family background. Yet Robert is helpless to resist Sean’s roguish grin, and a rocky, excruciatingly embarrassing start doesn’t keep the sparks between them from flaring.

Despite Robert’s increasingly ludicrous attempts to keep his past where it belongs, his past hasn’t read the memo. And soon his secrets could be the very things that drive Sean away for good…

Warning: contains the alarming misadventures of a pest control technician, a stepsister with a truly unfortunate name, and a young man who may have more bow ties than sense.

Amazon | Samhain | ARe

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Now available from the e-tailer of your choosing

A Flirty Dozen by JL Merrow

Previously only available on the ‘zon, you can now get this anthology of some of my short fiction from all the usual outlets – or, if you so desire, you’ll be able to pick up a paperback copy from me at UK Meet.😀


This anthology, available in ebook and paperback at a fantastically low price, comprises 12 stories, all by JL Merrow, which are also available from JMS Books as standalone e-books.

Ranging from gritty to giddy, all feature two men finding their happy ever after—or at least for now—with a dash of the author’s trademark humour.

Read about boys from the wrong side of town, boys from the right side of town, and boys from a town you really wouldn’t want to live in. Meet a rent boy with a secret, a very earthly version of Cupid, and men with a definite tinge of the supernatural. Opposites attract, wishes come true, and old enemies find forgiveness in this variety pack of eight contemporary stories and four paranormal tales that’s a perfect introduction to the writing of a very British author.

Available in ebook: Amazon | ARe | JMS Books | Smashwords

and in paperback: JMS Books

Contains the following (all of which have been previously published, and are also available as standalone ebooks): 

Love Found on Lindisfarne
Free Ride
Light the Fire
Dead Shot
Stronger Where it Counts
Jack in the Green
A Ghoul Like You
Batteries Not Included
Making it Pay
Trick or Treat
Good Breeding
A Pint of Beer, a Bag of Chips, and Thou

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Paranormal Heroes Giveaway

I’m over at Night Owl Paranormal today as part of their Page Turning Paranormal contest which is running through to the end of August, with a host of giveaways including:

ebooks, signed books, gift cards, paranormal DVDs, Tarot Cards

I’m talking about my top 5 paranormal heroes – why not pop on over and enter the draw for a psychic reading? Good luck!😀


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My turn in the comfy chair


…over at the lovely Elin Gregory’s blog, where I’m talking about the inspiration for my story in the Shakespearean anthology, A Summer’s Day, and more widely, my favourite bits of the bard.*


*No, not those bits!


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Rainbow Snippets is Nothing Like the Sun

A-Summers-Day-Customdesign-JayAheer2016-smallpreviewErm, literally, as Nothing Like the Sun happens to be the title of my story in the A Summer’s Day anthology, which hit the virtual bookshelves yesterday.🙂


It is, of course, based on Sonnet 130, and if you’d like to hear the sonnet spoken, you can listen to Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Rickman having a sonnet-off  – but for my money, Stephen Fry’s version is the best.

And here, before we entirely forget what we’re here for, is the snippet from my story:


I’d been ignoring my laptop all morning. Well, I had so little to look forward to these days; why not build a little anticipation for one of my few remaining pleasures?

There was a message in my inbox. Dead_Pool_Ringer, you have a new message from BoyNextDoor. It was time stamped only three minutes ago.

Heart thumping in ridiculously clichéd fashion, I clicked.


A Summer’s Day is available in ebook: Amazon | Smashwords
rainbow snippits scissors

Don’t forget to check out the rainbow snippets Facebook group for more little excerpts from a whole host of talented authors.


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A Summer’s Day is out today

And, appropriately, the sun is beaming down on the bard’s native England (or at least, my corner of it!)

A-Summers-Day-Customdesign-JayAheer2016-smallpreview.jpgA Summer’s Day – Shakespearean Anthology with a Twist

Are you a fan of Shakespeare? Of MM romance? Or maybe both?
To celebrate the legacy of Shakespeare, who 400 years after his death continues to inspire many of us, we created an Anthology based on his works. An M/M anthology, just the way we like it, containing 12 unique stories.

Includes my story, Nothing Like the Sun:

Hollywood darling Jerome Winter always defined himself by his looks—until a fire destroyed them.
His oldest friend and still-loyal manager, Sam, has long carried a torch for him, but with his looks—and earning power—gone, what does Jerome have left to offer?
(Sonnet 130)

All proceeds will go to It Gets Better

Available in ebook: Amazon | Smashwords

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Cover Reveal for A Summer’s Day

…over at Rian Durant’s blog today, and we’re all talking about why we contributed to the anthology. What anthology? Well, A Summer’s Day, in which I’m once more rubbing shoulders with the annoyingly talented Charlie Cochrane, among others, is a very timely celebration of all things Shakespearian – with a queer twist we feel certain the bard himself might have approved of!😉

Even better, it’s for charity – all proceeds go to the It Gets Better Project™.

My story, Nothing Like the Sun, is based on Sonnet 130:

My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips’ red;
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damask’d, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound;
I grant I never saw a goddess go;
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground:
   And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
   As any she belied with false compare.

Blurb for Nothing Like the Sun: Hollywood darling Jerome Winter always defined himself by his looks—until a fire destroyed them. His oldest friend and still-loyal manager, Sam, has long carried a torch for him, but with his looks—and earning power—gone, what does Jerome have left to offer?

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Ye Olde English Spellynge

spelling-998350_640Today, as part of the excessively leisurely Blow Down blog tour (more of a blog amble, or possibly a blog meander) I’m whetting my Witte (or perhaps just losing my wits) over at Gay Book Reviews over the subject of spelling. Or, as might be, Spellynge.

Why not pop on over and let me know your thoughts on the subject? Don’t forget to enter the giveaway!😀

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