Truly, Madly, Boys

trulymadlyboysAn anthology in the Mad About the Brit Boys series with Josephine Myles.

Love—the most intense connection.

The challenge of finding love in the world today can take many forms, but at its heart love is the same: it’s all about forging a connection with another person. Experience romance at its most relatable in these four contemporary stories of male-male love with a British flavour from award-winning authors Josephine Myles and JL Merrow.

In these stories you’ll find out how to communicate without words, be teased by a memory that’s just out of reach, flash back to young love and emerging sexuality, and discover how opposites can attract when you meet a stranger in a strange land.

These stories have all been previously published, but are now available exclusively in this anthology:

Epiphany by JL Merrow

When security guard Vinnie spots a young British guy, Gray, looking lost on a New York street, he thinks he’s never seen anyone so beautiful. The feeling’s mutual: concert pianist Gray loves everything about the huge muscle man who’s offering to walk him back to his hotel. When they stop off at Vinnie’s apartment, sparks fly—but when they finally get back to Gray’s hotel, things seem to fall apart. Is one afternoon all they’ll ever have?

Halfway up the Stairs by Josephine Myles

When Charlie wakes up alone after arguing with his boyfriend the night before, it seems like nothing will resolve the situation. Josh wants them to move, but Charlie is too attached to the house. It’s not just all the work he’s put into it, though, it’s all the memories. One memory in particular, of standing hidden halfway up the stairs, watching and wanting…

Sense Memory by JL Merrow

Blinded by a drunk driver, Colin is haunted by a sense memory—the smell of wood chippings. When he meets up with Alban, who he’s been chatting with online, he finally finds out why.

Without Words by Josephine Myles

Is that gorgeous redheaded hunk on the building site really checking him out? Nick thinks it’s worth the risk of getting his head kicked in to find out. Only trouble is, Nick tends to end up spoiling things with his nervous babbling. This time he’s going to have to keep his mouth shut. It’s either that or he’ll have to find some other way to occupy it…


British quality and class all the way through. These ladies have put together a short antho that’s a Keeper – Roroblu’s Mum, Divine Magazine

I love a little book that tells a great big story, and these little literary snacks do just that…Grab this anthology today, you will be as happy with it as I was! – Rebecca, Bike Book Reviews

All the men in these stories were unique…Would recommend this to everyone – Jodi, Alpha Book Club

if J.L. Merrow and Josephine Myles are both new to you, I can’t think of a better way for you to get acquainted than to pick up this collection and start reading.   I highly recommend it and the other Mad About the Brit Boy Anthologies – MelanieM, Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Truly, Madly, Boys was a wonderful and totally satisfying surprise. Short stories don’t come much better than this – Helena Stone, The Way She Reads

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