Midnight in Berlin

rawinnerlMidnight in BerlinOne bad decision can change your life forever

It’s midnight in Berlin, and drifter Leon is hitchhiking home in the rain, covered in feathers after a wild festival in the city park. He can’t believe his luck when he’s picked up by a hot guy in a Porsche. That is, until he realises his driver is a creature from his worst nightmares—and plans to turn him into one too. He runs, but he can’t escape the werewolf’s bite.

Christoph made one mistake, but he’s paying for it plenty. He took Leon for a rogue werewolf on his way home from a hunt, and by the time he realises the truth it’s too late to do anything but make Leon a monster to save his life. That doesn’t save Christoph from the pack leader’s harsh punishment.

As Leon struggles to cope with his horrifying new reality—and his mixed feelings for the man who bit him—he’s desperate to discover not only what’s happened to Christoph, but the secrets their pack leader is hiding from them all.

Secrets the pack will kill to protect.

Available on Kindle and in KU

an entertaining and unpredictable take on the werewolf trope….gritty with a bit of humor and a hint of romance, it kept my attention to the last page – Lindsey, The Novel Approach

A freshly written, fast paced story – Truus, Diverse Reader

Midnight in Berlin still has JL Merrow’s characteristic playfulness and humor, and I appreciate the unique twist she brings to werewolf folklore – Trio, Kimmers’ Erotic Book Banter

If you like dark yet romantic stories, Midnight in Berlin will be right up your alley…Violence, gore, and action mix in with a sweet, tentative romance. Midnight in Berlin may be dark, non-traditional, and often surprising, but it’s also a very enjoyable romance – Cassie on Joyfully Reviewed

Whether I was hating the ‘villain,’ or cheering the protagonist, I was emotionally invested in every aspect of the plot… Midnight in Berlin bucks the traditional werewolf/shifter book in a genuinely fascinating way. When an author can make a reader feel sympathy for a formerly despised character, that takes true talent. Very much recommended. – 4.25 stars, Lasha onReviews by Jessewave

A new take on werewolf life, Midnight in Berlin by JL Merrow will leave you thinking “What if?”  Scary thoughts, dangerous werewolves and some hot MM loving – 4 stars, Elise on Sensual Reads

this was such an exciting story…I really enjoyed the relationship between Leon and Christoph and how it changes from the start of the book…Christoph slowly becomes the hero instead of the villain, fighting for justice for the pack. I also liked seeing Leon’s growth – 4.5 stars, JayHJay at Joyfully Jay

Awarded 3rd place in the 2012 Rainbow Awards, Best Gay Paranormal/Horror category

I really enjoyed the author’s sarcastic humor throughout the story. It’s hard to find authors that make you laugh. It was nice that the setting was “off the beaten path” by placing it in Germany and using some German words in the dialogue.  –Jenna W.

First edition published by Samhain in 2012.