Damned if You Do

The Lars and Rael Paranormal Detective series

DamnedIfYouDo_500x750Some sins are worth the price.

Sexy male succubus Rael has an insatiable appetite for men that gets him into all kinds of trouble. And he’s just found his favorite flavor: hunky blond detective Lars Thornsson. When those cool Nordic looks combine with Rael’s smoldering dark charms, all Hell could break loose.

Lars’s job at the Paranormal Enforcement Agency means he’s supposed to be policing demons, not falling in lust—or love—with them. But there’s something about this feisty little sex demon that hits all his buttons.

With no shortage of deadly sinners in his city, from serial-killing succubi to drug-dealing demons, all Lars can do is try to keep his private life from interfering with his work. But Rael has a knack for getting mixed up in cases that threaten both their domestic harmony and their lives.

For the first time, all FOUR Rael & Lars stories, including the fourth, NEW, novella, A Glutton For Punishment, are available both singly and in one volume, Damned if You Do (ebook and print).

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I have never laughed so hard in my life. Oh this was so very well done and to have each novella be just a bit more clever, just a bit smarter than the one before, I was besotted! This collection is pure entertainment with wickedly intelligent dialogue, plot lines and characters….Rael and Lars are just a delight. Lars, who questions his every step, is blissfully unaware that while he is falling more and more in love with Rael his little succubus is doing the same. Rael, who puts aside his usual “free love for all” policy and sticks to his man, was so delightful I truly was sad when the novel ended… Fast-paced, witty, and intelligently written, this work is a feast of literary delights – 5 stars, Sammy, Reviews at Jessewave.

sexy, sensual and hilarious. It brings the best from both the demon world as well as the human one with two strong male protagonists and a kickass female sidekick…. Lars, the blonde Nordic cop, was a breath of fresh air [and] Rael is sexy, sassy and adorable with a wicked tongue and an even more wicked personality – 4 blissful hearts, Blissful Temptation

I have to say that every single one of these novellas was fun, funny, entertaining, hotter than hell in the sex department and just all around great stories…Rael and Lars are perfect together. Lars is willing to put his job at stake to keep Rael and though Rael always finds himself in a bit of trouble it all gets worked out. I loved their easygoing relationship and all its little quirks…Four great stories that I definitely recommend – 4/5, Tracy, Tracy’s Place

I want MORE Rael and MORE Lars! Their adventures are funny, sexy, and a heap of fun – 5 sweet peas, Lucky, Mrs Condit & Friends

I absolutely fell in love with Rael and Lars and would love to read more about them. JL Merrow has created two unforgettable characters everyone should have an opportunity to meet – Delane, Coffee Time Romance review of The Care and Feeding of Demons, where a shorter version of A Calling for Pleasure first appeared.

A Calling for Pleasure
DamnedIfYouDo1_200x300 If you summon this demon, he’s guaranteed to come!

With a killer succubus leaving a trail of desiccated corpses, Detective Lars Thornsson of the Paranormal Enforcement Agency knows he shouldn’t be falling for a suspect. But a hot little piece of demon tail like Rael is impossible to resist. Slender, snake-hipped, and dark skinned, he swears he’s innocent—of murder, at least.
Rael is delighted when a summoning brings him up to Earth, filled as it is with hot guys walking around like an all-you-can-eat buffet. He’s not so happy about the mean old detectives interrupting him halfway through his dinner—but he changes his mind after getting an eyeful of Lars’s muscular, Nordic charms.
Now Rael has a vested interest in keeping Lars safe from the real killer, even if that means putting himself into the killer’s path.

A Blast from the Past
Some old flames are too hot to handle.

Something demonic is starting fires all over town, and it’s up to hunky detective Lars Thornsson and his partner, Chelle Rochelle, to solve the case. The attacks have neither rhyme nor reason—and when Lars identifies the arsonist, he realizes his troubles are just beginning. Not only is he injured as the firestarter gets clean away, but Lars manages to mortally offend his succubus lover, Rael, in the process.

Rael has problems of his own: his cheating ex, Levi, wants him back. And Levi’s a powerful demon who won’t take no for an answer. With Levi ready to attack Lars to get what he wants, Rael has to work out what he’s willing to do to save his lover. Up to and including sacrificing himself.

A Wish Too Far


Be careful what you wish for . . .

There’s a new drug on the streets called Wishes: little pink pills that bring you your heart’s desire—but in a way that’ll rival your worst nightmare. Lars Thornsson of the Paranormal Enforcement Agency isn’t pleased to have to work the case with two of his most hated and incompetent colleagues. He’s even less happy to come home one night to find that his sexy succubus lover Rael has summoned another demon.

Rael thinks he knows who’s supplying the drugs: an old friend of his with a penchant for cross-dressing. The one thing Rael doesn’t understand is why a sweet demon like Shax would be so malicious. He’s determined to get to Shax first and find out the truth, even if it means falling foul of the law—and his lover.

A Glutton for Punishment

DamnedIfYouDo4_200x300Revenge can be very sweet indeed.

Sexy male succubus Rael is a tasty little morsel—and he has a talent for creating them, too. He’s become a huge success as a regular guest on the cooking show Devon’s Plate—so much so that when host Devon LaGrande disappears under suspicious circumstances, Rael’s the number one suspect.

With the case being handled by other detectives, Rael’s lover, Detective Lars Thornsson, is left out in the cold. All the more so because, to save Lars’s career, Rael is forced to move out of their apartment and pretend to be with another man.

When Rael starts getting threatening letters, things hit even closer to home. The detectives on the case are worse than useless, and Lars’s partner is unable to help, distracted by imminent motherhood and her demon baby daddy’s parole hearing. Though he’s all alone for the first time in ages, Lars knows he’s the only one who can solve the case—and save his lover.

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