Wight Mischief



A ghost of a chance at love

Personal trainer Will Golding has been looking forward to spending time with his best-friend-with-benefits, Baz, a journalist researching a book on ghosts. But on the first day of their camping trip on the Isle of Wight, Will takes a walk on a secluded beach and spies a beautiful young man skinny-dipping by moonlight.  Ethereally pale, he’s too perfect to be real—or is he?

Lonely author Marcus Devereux is just as entranced by the tall athlete he encounters on the beach, but he’s spent the years since his parents were murdered building a wall around his heart, and the thought of letting Will scale it is frankly terrifying. Marcus’s albinism has given him his ghostly appearance and left him reluctant to go out in daylight, his reclusiveness encouraged by his guardian—who warns him to stay away from Will and Baz.

The attraction between Will and Marcus can’t be denied—but neither can the danger of the secrets haunting Marcus’s past, as one “accident” after another strikes Will and his friend Baz. If they don’t watch their step, they could end up added to the Island’s ghostly population.

Currently unavailable but to be republished in a brand new cover by Dreamspinner Press in June 2018 – exact date TBA.


Merrow’s trademark humour sparkles throughout the book. Parts of it are laugh-out-loud funny, while other bits are completely deadpan. The dialogue bounces with wit, and even the minor characters are drawn with a light touch… and there’s a real sense of menace in the final action-packed scenes. – 4.75 stars and top pick for 2011from Leslie S at Jessewave’s blog.

I have a job. I can’t spend all my time reading, but by gosh, I had to stay up almost all night finishing this book. I absolutely could not put it down! Ms. Merrow has written a book that defines the term “thriller.” 4 1/2 stars. – Cameron at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews.

an original, engaging book… With romance, danger and ghost stories in the mix, there’s no going wrong with WIGHT MISCHIEF. – Lily at Romance Junkies.

Marcus and Will together are sweet, endearing, and funny…Will thinks Marcus is beautiful, Marcus loves how safe he feels with Will… if readers like mystery that’s more like suspense, actually, with a lot of Gothic thrown in, with their romance, they’ll probably jump all over this. Grade B-  Sarah F at Dear Author

Wight Mischief was awarded an Honorable Mention in Elisa Rolle’s 2012 Rainbow Awards.