Dead Shot



Sometimes Cupid has his own agenda 

Carpenter Peter takes his hyperactive ten-year-old nephew to play in the park with his home-made bow and arrows—but makes the mistake of closing his eyes for a minute. Alerted by a yell of pain, he’s mortified to find that Kevin has shot a tall, handsome stranger in the rear end. Especially when Kevin suggests Peter should kiss it better!

But cultured lawyer Edward doesn’t seem to mind. An embarrassing encounter leads to a hot date—but Peter’s guilty secret about Kevin’s father could undo all Cupid’s good work, and Edward’s flair for the dramatic isn’t exactly helping!

Short and sweet but with lots of heat…a delicious tale designed to satisfy us with only a few short pages – Sensual Reads

Sweet, light, funny, and a great little nibble when you just have time for something quick…you still get  a sense that these guys really like each other and are discovering something wonderful together – 4.5 stars from Joyfully Jay.

Available in ebook:  JMS Books | Amazon

(This story was previously published in the Torquere anthology Shot Through the Heart Taste Test, now out of print.)