Historical LGBT anthologies

Call to Arms

CALL TO ARMS testModern LGBTQ+ fiction of the Second World War

Seventeen stories, thirteen authors, a second war. Once again Manifold Press’s writers explore the lives of LGBTQ+ people and their war-time experience in cities, towns and countryside across the world.

Amidst war and peace, in the thick of violence or in an unexpected lull, these stories of the Second World War take the reader far and wide: through Britain, Europe, Asia and South America, from loss and parting to love and homecoming. As for home, it may be an ordinary house, or a prison camp, or a ship: but it is, in the end, where you find it, however far you have to go. Read this book, and make the journey yourself.

My story: Wild Flowers
Henny lost her lover, Anna, during the war. Now, in post-war Berlin, as she joins other women rebuilding their shattered city from its ash-grey ruins, she recalls happier times – and finds new hope in a younger woman, Ruth.

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Please note: All proceeds will be donated to the British Refugee Council (Registered Charity No. 1014576).

A Certain Persuasion


An anthology of stories set in and around the writings of Jane Austen, featuring LGBTQIA characters.

My story:  A Particular Friend

When Susan Price leaves Mansfield Park to accompany her aunt, Lady Bertram, to take the waters in Bath, she little expects to meet an old ‘friend’ of the family. Initially scandalised, Susan finds herself drawn to the former Mary Crawford, now a widow, Mrs Lynd.

But Lady Bertram will surely never countenance Susan’s intimacy with a woman whose brother caused her daughter’s disgrace – and Mrs Lynd’s true identity cannot be kept a secret forever.

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Men of the Manor


Erotic Encounters between Upstairs Lords and Downstairs Lads

Rob Rosen has gathered the hottest stories of romance and sex between wealthy aristocrats and the hard-working estate staff, all with a pre–World War I backdrop, including the fashion and art and the latest inventions of the day. War is years away, the estates are huge and sprawling, the fashionably elite have too much time on their hands, while the toiling underclass are always on the lookout for a means to a brighter future — no matter whose bed they end up in. Think Downton Abbey and Upstairs, Downstairs, but with enough sex to make the town vicar blush.

Includes my (rather tongue-in-cheek) story: Brass Rags

Lord Algernon Huffingham likes a man with a firm hand. Preferably work-calloused, and applied with vigour to Algy’s aristocratic buttocks. But it’s so hard to find decent help these days.

As a footman, Robert’s more used to following orders than issuing them. He may be easy on the eye and flexible in his morals, but will he be able to rise to Algy’s challenge?

“Gathers the hottest stories of romance and sex between wealthy aristocrats and hard-working estate staff, all with a pre-WWI backdrop.”
Publishers Weekly

“Imagine if Downton Abbey was a series of m/m erotic stories.”
—Romance at Random

“Drop everything—including your knickers—and pick up Rob Rosen’s new anthology. It’s a fun, sexy read that will have you lusting after scheming valets, wily butlers, and those devilishly handsome lords who lay down the law after they lay down the help.”
—Neil Plakcy, editor of Active Duty: Gay Military Erotic Romance

“I absolutely adored this collection of stories that are anything but ordinary. All I have to say about this book is run, don’t walk, to buy this book for your reading entertainment.” –Trish, Rainbow Book Reviews (review includes an overview of each story).

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