Mad About the Boys

When three hearts collide, expect sparks to fly!

What is it about a threesome that’s so irresistible? Is it that where one gorgeous guy is good, two are even better? Or is it the thought of loving someone who’s secure enough in his relationship to let a third person in?

In this collection of five ménages-a-trois, two bestselling authors in the world of male-male romance explore the dynamics of threesomes—this time with two men and one woman. From contemporary urban settings to timeless, magical woodlands, see lovers coming together. They could be the couple next door, opening their house—and their hearts—to the third who’ll complete them, rural loners encountering spirits of the forest, or frustrated shapeshifters who need that special someone to unlock their true potential.

JL Merrow’s contemporary story ‘Dinner for Three’ features a gay couple with designs on their very willing housemate—and an inventive use of the kitchen. In ‘In the Greenwood’ by Josephine Myles, a lonely forest spirit brings together two men, but yearns to join them herself in physical form. In the next two stories, JL Merrow carries on the paranormal theme. ‘The Antithesis of Magic’ has a modern urban setting—but one where werewolves, witches and other magical creatures are the norm. So what place does that leave for a man born without magic? ‘Changeling’, by contrast, is set in the rural past when wise women knew to be wary of the Fae, and there’s a price to be paid before a young girl may wed her changeling lover. Finally, bringing things bang up to date is Josephine Myles’ ‘Kiss, Mark Two’, featuring a young couple who decide to give a threesome a try. Only trouble is, both Mark and Ty are totally straight… right?

One thing’s for certain: the women in these stories are all mad about the boys.

A sexy anthology by two talented authors tapping into both the contemporary and paranormal worlds where three hearts are the rule… Overall, this was an excellent anthology with several extremely good and unique stories. I really enjoyed this mix of contemporary and paranormal love stories – 5 star Top Pick, KindleRomance, The Romance Reviews

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‘Changeling’ and ‘In the Greenwood’ are also available in the Taken anthology, ‘Dinner for Three’ was previously published as ‘Subtlety’ in Toybox: Kitchen Sink and ‘The Antithesis of Magic’ in the I Put a Spell on You anthology, all from Torquere Press.