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Stop Cock (title tbc)

Book six in the Plumber’s Mate Mysteries:

Plumber Tom Paretski and his newly-wedded husband, PI Phil Morrison, plan to enjoy their honeymoon in Italy to the full. It should be the start of a wonderful future together. But when Phil’s ex best mate—and Tom’s hated bully—turns up unexpectedly at their hotel, conflict from their past threatens to derail all their fun. Tom may have forgiven Phil for past injuries, but Wayne’s another matter—or is he?

Wayne now seems determined to make friends, but Tom’s struggling to forgive and forget. To add to his confusion, cryptic messages from home spark the question whether he and Phil are really as in tune as he thought they were. Tom can’t forget he’s not the first man Phil ever made a commitment to, and that marriage turned sour sooner rather than later.

They really shouldn’t be surprised when death explodes onto the scene in shocking fashion, and their honeymoon turns into a murder investigation. When the group of locals Wayne had been meeting with turns their attention to Tom’s psychic abilities, he and Phil will need to pull together to figure out what’s going on—or risk this trip being the last one they’ll ever take.