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Back From the Future (short story)


Ever since his one-night stand with big, butch, bisexual Bill, Marty’s been in the hopeless grip of a passionate, yet seemingly unrequited love.  House-sitting for the object of his affection, all he can do is cry on the scaly shoulders of Bill’s exotic fish—until he meets the tipsy time-traveller who lives upstairs.

Arthur Prefect (not his real name) is a refugee from a dystopian time, and he’s pining too, for the man he left back in the future. Over the course of a drunken evening, Marty dreams up a plan to reconnect the lonely young man with his lost love—but he’ll need to do more than dream to fix up his own future with Bill.

Note: this story also appears in the UK Meet anthology Lashings of Sauce under the title “Et Tu, Fishies?”

Due out 22 June 2019 from JMS Books

London Lark (short story)

Apprentice tinkerer Harriet Hodgkins is skilled in the construction and maintenance of intricate clockwork contrivances. She’s also rather good at masquerading as a man—for of course, no self-respecting craftsman would hire a woman.

Repairing a salvaged automaton becomes a labour of love for Hodgkins, and the object of her affections, Miss Pandora Piper, comes to hold her rescuer in equal esteem. But Hodgkins has yet to confess her true gender, and moreover the clockwork coquette is destined for resale. If Hodgkins can’t engineer a more auspicious ending, Miss Pandora’s restoration will signal their separation.

Note: this story also appears in the Upstaged anthology

Due out August 2019 from JMS Books

Counter Culture (novel; title tbc)

Robin Christopher, beleaguered retail worker, isn’t having an easy November. His boss is pushing the stress levels to overload planning a Black Friday to end all Black Fridays, his family doesn’t understand him, and his best friend thinks his new crush is a hallucination brought on by watching too many episodes of Doctor Who.

Archie Levine dresses in Victorian style and divides his time between looking after his young son and creating weird and wacky steampunk gadgets from bits of old junk—when he’s not looking after his mum, Lyddie, and trying to keep on good terms with his ex. The last thing he’s got time for is a relationship—but the young man he met while disembowelling a fridge is proving very tempting.

When Lyddie’s social conscience is roused by a local store with a cavalier attitude to the homeless, former rough sleeper Archie shares her anger. Little does he know, Robin works for the very store that’s the focus of their outrage. When Archie finds out he’s sleeping with the enemy, things could cut up very rough indeed.

Due out 3rd November 2019 from Riptide