Stronger Where it Counts

IT guy Michael figures he’s in for an awkward evening when a client takes him to a girlie bar. When he gets talking to big, blond Kyle, it seems like it’s his lucky night after all. But they have a shared past Michael’s managed to forget and Kyle is hoping he won’t remember.

Kyle’s deeply ashamed of his weakness back in high school, when he stood by and watched as Michael became the victim of a gay-bashing — by new boy Kyle’s group of friends. He’s going to have his work cut out to persuade Michael to take a chance at trusting him now.

One thing I’ve noticed about JL Merrow is that she likes to inject a certain amount of darkness into her stories.  This appeals to me as I like my heroes to work a little for their happy endings.– Jenre, on Jessewave’s blog.

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You can read an excerpt here.