Fall Hard

HonorableMentionMDBestsellerIcon100X100Some memories are better off lost in the mist…

Eight months ago, British academic Paul Ansell lost his lover—and all the memories of their tim
e together—in an accident at Iceland’s Gullfoss Falls. Returning to the misty island country to resume his study of the bloodthirsty Viking Egil Skallagrimsson is tough as he struggles to pull his life back together.

First, there’s his colleague, Mags, who treats him like glass, and summer student Alex, who peppers him with discomforting questions. Then there’s Icelandic jet-boat driver Viggo, a tattooed, modern-day Viking who won’t say much about how they know each other. Leaving Paul to wonder if their volcanic attraction is fuelled by a desire to make a fresh start, or desperation to forget the past.

As more fragments of his lost memories fall into place, Paul is unsure if he can trust himself, much less anyone around him. And he begins to suspect his accident was nothing of the kind.

Warning: Contains a modern-day Viking whose boat has V8 engines for oars, and a harsh land of hot springs and hotter passions that won’t forgive any false steps.

Available in ebook & paperback:  Samhain Amazon

Honorable Mention: 2014 Rainbow Awards category Gay Contemporary Romance

Best_Contemporary.NWOWThe chemistry is Hot!!! JL Merrow pulls you into this book and keeps you intrigued the whole way through. This book was well written and the thorough research shows in every page….I have always enjoyed JL Merrow’s books and I highly recommend this one! – 5 kisses, Cheryl, Top 2 Bottom Reviews

Best_Action_Adventure.NVIKINGS! Okay, a modern day Viking, Icelandic sagas and a MC with amnesia make for a compelling story with a touch of mystery… go get Fall Hard when it releases. It’s a lovely contemporary story full of Icelandic history, folklore, nature, hot natives and a mystery and all that in Merrow’s style of writing – 4.5 stars, Larissa, Reviews by Jessewave

 Best_Mystery.NI really appreciated the originality of this story and the unique spin that Merrow creates.  First off, I found the stories of the Viking settlers and the legends surrounding them to be just fascinating… Merrow not only makes these legends come alive, but her beautiful portrayal of Iceland itself made me feel like I was seeing it firsthand…I found myself really captivated by this one and would definitely recommend it – 4.5 stars, Jay, Joyfully Jay

Merrow’s name is one of the few that would get me to pick up a book with the word “Viking” associated with it! I was impressed with how setting is used in this book. Iceland is not only depicted with loving care, but its culture and history are absolutely essential to the plot. Merrow cleverly uses Paul’s amnesia as an effective way of getting in local color without sounding like a guidebook. – Grade B, Willaful, Dear Author

I was immersed right til the end.  I also appreciated the epilogue here which helped to round out the story and solidify the HEA.  I liked this one very much – Grade B, Kaetrin, Dear Author

Viggo was wonderful, I could just imagine him as a Viking warrior of old, tall, blond, strong, but gentle, he was quite the enigma. Right from their first meeting its obvious Paul and Viggo fit together, and they are as hot between the sheets as the springs of Reykjadalur.

I’ve never been to Iceland but it’s a country that’s always fascinated me and in Fall Hard JL Merrow brings it to life with her descriptive prose as a land of mystery and wonder overflowing with history… Definitely one to keep and re read again – 4 stars, Josie Goodreads at Mrs Condit & Friends

Fall hard is my first but not my last Merrow story…Watching Paul work his way through rebuilding his life complete with frustration, guilt, annoyance, suspicion, and some fear kept me captivated. I enjoyed the complex characters and the combination of vividness and starkness of the Iceland she described  – B+/A-, E_booklover, Book Pushers 

Viggo was a delight, strong and manly and just yummy… If you’re looking for a brooding romance with the added thrill of amnesia then this would be a good one to pick up. Grade: Very Good – Jenre, Well Read

Viggo was such an intriguing character…his interactions with Paul were at times surprisingly forward and at others heart wrenchingly tentative….This is a great read that is so layered and deep, I recommend it for those days you want to truly sink into a story – B+, Jules, GayListBookReviews