Privacy Statement

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (effective 25 May 2018) sets out your rights concerning how I may collect and use the information you give me when visiting this website.

This statement sets out what information I have and how I use it and gives you the opportunity to either confirm that you are content or to opt out.


Comments on blog posts at this website

This website is hosted on WordPress. When you comment on a blog post, the WordPress comment form requires you to give your name and your email address. You can also add your website URL, although this is not obligatory. WordPress logs this information along with your IP address. WordPress privacy statements are here and here.

I am able to access this data on each comment you make—although I have only ever done so in order to contact prizewinners when I’ve been running a giveaway. I will not use this data to email you directly except for the purposes of sending you a prize; I specifically won’t use it for marketing or any other purpose. I do not share this data with any third party.

Opting out: If you wish me to remove my access to the data, I can do this by deleting your comments to blog posts. NOTE: this does not affect whatever data WordPress itself has gathered on you via comments, cookies etc. I am only able to remove comments to my blog and hence my access to that information on you. It does not remove the underlying data on WordPress’s databases.
If you’d like me to remove your comments, please use the Contact Me form on my website. I will comply within the statutory 30 days of your request.


Contact Me Form at this website

The Contact Me form requires your email—otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to reply to you. I use your email address solely to respond to your enquiry. I do not use it for any other purpose, and I do not share it with third parties.

If you wish me to delete any record of your address from my email archives (once you are satisfied that the business you’ve raised with the form has been completed) let me know and I’ll do so within the statutory 30 days of your request.