Heat Trap – #3 in the Plumber’s Mate Mystery series


Old flames can leave a nasty burn.

It’s been six months since plumber Tom Paretski was hit by a shocking revelation about his family, and he’s been avoiding dealing with it ever since. His lover, PI Phil Morrison, wants Tom to dig deeper into his history and try to develop his psychic talent for finding things, but Tom’s not nearly so keen. Just as he decides to bite the bullet, though, worse problems crawl out of the woodwork.

Young Devil’s Dyke barmaid Marianne has an ex, Grant Carey, who won’t accept that things are over between them, and he’s ruthless in dealing with anyone who gets in his way.  When Carey threatens an old friend of theirs, Phil and Tom step in to help—but that makes them targets themselves.

What with his uncertainty about Phil’s motives, Tom’s family doing their best to drive a wedge between them, and the uncovering of an ugly incident in Phil’s past, Tom’s not sure who he can trust—and the body he finds in the pub cellar isn’t the only thing that stinks.

All the Plumber’s Mate Mysteries  are now available to pre-order from Riptide Publishing.

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And there will be a brand new Plumber’s Mate Mystery, Lock Nut, releasing on 14 May, 2018

Placed fourth in the 2015 Rainbow Awards Dorien Grey Award for Best Gay Mystery/Thriller

Reviews for the first edition:

A well devised murder / mystery…Phil and Tom are [a] normal couple in a relationship with all its trials and tribulations and in this book we definitely get the angst factor in their relationship. …another perfect sequel to what is now one of my all time favourite couples and murder / mystery series – Mark, Sinfully Addicted to All Male Romance

If you have read other books in this series, don’t miss this one. If you haven’t, by all means get started. I highly recommend this one to add fun and flare, heartbreak, and a sweet mystery to brighten a dull day – 5 hearts, Barb, Hearts on Fire

An exceptionally exciting addition to the series, this book had me turning the pages very quickly, and hoping Tom was wrong in his fears about Phil, while at the same time, being angry at Phil for not opening up to Tom about his past… A more than enjoyable story that I highly recommend – Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

…a very British mystery series. Like, it could be on the BBC.  Sundays at 7. I’m pretty sure Derek Jacobi is going to have a cameo in the next installment – 4.5 stars, Faye, It’s About the Book