Out! – #3 in The Shamwell Tales


When love wars with principle, which one will win?

Mark Nugent has spent his life in the closet—at least, the small portion of it he hasn’t spent in the office. Determined to make amends to his neglected teenage daughter from a failed marriage, Mark swears off work—and love—so he can give her a stable home environment. But Mark’s resolve to keep his heart under wraps is tested when he meets an out and proud young man he’s instantly drawn to.

Patrick Owen is a charity worker with strong principles. He doesn’t trust easily, but he’s blown away by his attraction for the older man who’s so new to his own sexuality. Yet Mark is adamant he’s not coming out to his daughter—and Patrick refuses to live a lie.

What with Mark’s old-fashioned attitudes and his flirtatious ex-colleague who’s determined to come between them, Patrick begins to wonder if they’ll ever be on the same page. And when Mark’s career as a tax advisor clashes with Patrick’s social conscience, sparks really start to fly—in all the wrong ways.

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rainbow-awards-hon-mentionIt’s a comedy of errors, false starts, and false assumptions…Well done, dear author, well done! A fabulous book, no doubt. I must now go get the others in this series – 4.5 stars, Sandra @ My Fiction Nook

I appreciated how the book incorporated several aspects of gay life that aren’t necessarily discussed – the “it didn’t work” marriage, children from the marriage, and being closeted to your own kids – 4 stars, Kristin, Gay Book Reviews

JL Merrow’s talent for mixing humour and fun with the more serious storyline is wonderful…an emotional, funny, sexy romance – Claire Margaret Potterton, Divine Magazine

I could so understand Mark and his attitudes it was uncanny…No chance of being carefree and out without facing a whole load of bigotry and the rest… I just loved how JL Merrow deals with the whole subject. Realistic, compassionate and endears the reader to her characters immediately – Mark Wills, Sinfully Gay Romance Book Reviews

I’m still smiling. This is one of those stories that just make me all warm and fuzzy. It’s like hot cocoa (with tiny marshmallows) on a cold day – 5 stars, Jill, Gay Guy Reading

A marvelous addition to the series! It had its moments of hilarity, but also bittersweet times, and I rejoiced in each of them in equal measure…Thank you, J.L., for more from my favorite village – Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

Note: this book was previously published by Samhain Publishing. The second edition contains only minor revisions.