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Adopted as a baby, Giles Frobisher has grown up with every privilege.  Encouraged by his best friend—and secret crush—Oz to seek out his birth mother, he’s appalled to discover she’s loud, lower-class, and insists on calling him Wayne!

Giles’ snobbier-than-thou, none-too-faithful boyfriend Hugh is equally horrified, and Oz, who’s always been secretive about his own family, starts acting very strangely.

It seems Giles is about to learn that good breeding has nothing to do with who your parents are!

Available in ebook from JMS Books

(This story was previously published in the Tea & Crumpet anthology)

Daylily (historical short)

A seasonal story set in 1926.  John is staying with his wealthy college friend Lawrence for the Christmas holidays–and desperately trying to hide his feelings for him. He’s beginning to think it might have been a bad idea…

Written for the 2011 Speak its Name advent calendar. Read it here.

Bear Naked

dont read in closet one


Hal’s a big, shy bear of a man, just arrived at his first ever gay holiday resort.  A nude gay resort. When a similarly-sized, good-looking Asian guy asks to join him for breakfast, what’s Hal to do?  Apart from wish the cereal bowl he’s using for a loincloth was one hell of a lot bigger, that is…

A short, fluffy story, written for the Goodreads m/m group Hot Summer Days anthology; read it here.

FREE Flashfic Anthology British Flash


A revealing collection of short LGBT fiction, available free of charge from Smashwords

Details here.
Includes 2 of my stories:
The Worst Pub in London

Josh finds working at the Forlorn Hop duller than ditchwater—until a tall, dark stranger walks in and he’s swept off his feet. Literally.
Like a Girl    (f/f)

Her name’s Nina, and she punches like a girl. And what the bloody hell’s wrong with that?




A free standalone short story in the Camwolf-verse.

Sex with a stranger can be riskier than you know… particularly if that stranger turns out to be a werewolf. A companion to — or appetiser for — my novel Camwolf.

Two years ago a casual encounter in Stuttgart left Carl changed forever. He thought he could handle being a werewolf—until he passed the curse on to his English lover, Nick Sewell.

Now Carl’s come back to Germany to look for answers from the man who made him a monster. But Stefan’s disappeared, and in his place Carl finds Christian, who may have as much to hide as Carl does—or even more.

This is a short story in the same universe as my novel, Camwolf, but with different main characters. If you’ve read the novel you may recall that Nick Sewell was turned into a werewolf three years before the start of Camwolf by his then lover, Carl Fisher. This is Carl’s story, and it’s a dark little tale.

Available in ebook:  Amazon Kobo iTunes B&N

Firm Pressure, a mini-sequel to Stroke to His Cox

firm pressureWith his boyfriend Archie rowing stroke, coxswain Dave Tanaka is struggling to keep his mind on the job…

Read it here.

A Real Boy

a real boy 4


Carlo Collodi (author of Pinocchio) will be spinning in his Tuscan grave, although possibly not as fast as Walt Disney. The Brothers Grimm may be feeling a little dizzy as well…

Lonely woodcarver Joseph, purveyor of fine hand-crafted goods to the BDSM market, decides to craft the ultimate sex toy, a life-size wooden Boy. Unfortunately Joseph’s Boy has a mind of his own… Details here.

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On the Beach

on the beachA micro-sequel to my short story, Free Ride.

On a beach with his mates, Aidan reflects on his new life in the North with his older lover John.
Read it here.