Bloodlust and Bylines

bloodlustandbylines_200Investigative journalist Frank would do anything for the next big scoop, and a chance to break the news to the world that vampires really exist is too good to pass up. But his fact-finding mission to an undead hangout takes a terrifying turn when he’s locked in a cellar with a starving—if sexy—bloodsucker and no escape in sight.

Forlorn vampire Viktor hasn’t had a bite in months, ever since falling foul of über-vamp The Mistress and being imprisoned for his sins. Delivered to his cell like Meals on Wheels, Frank’s the tastiest morsel he’s seen in a long time. Viktor can’t wait to get his fangs into him—and there’s something about Frank that makes Viktor lust for more than just his blood.

To escape the mysterious Mistress’s prison, predator and prey will have to work together—if, that is, they can manage to rein in their baser appetites for long enough!

Note: this short story was previously published under the title Becoming the Spoils

Available in ebook: JMS Books | Amazon

a unique voice and the definite “tongue in cheek” quality of British humor – Serena Yates

short but charming…the humor strong and quick – Book Utopia Mom