Permanently Legless

Permanently_Legless_400x600Only half the man he used to be—but maybe that’s enough

The Taliban may have taken both Chris’s legs, but he came back from Afghanistan with his sense of humour and his lust for life firmly intact. The one thing that can shake his confidence is meeting Josh, the one-night stand from before his tour of duty he hasn’t been able to forget.

It turns out Josh hasn’t forgotten Chris, either. He spent the time they were apart fearing the worst every time a soldier was reported killed in action—and wishing Chris would use the number Josh gave him, and call.

Josh’s delight on seeing Chris again quickly turns to shock on seeing his injuries. With Chris such a changed man, can they still have a future?

What I loved most about this story was the main character’s unique voice and the way he tells the story…another great example of J.L. Merrow’s ability to make a character come so alive you think you can touch them – 5 stars, Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

Merrow creates a perfect short story. It shows, it doesn’t tell. The MCs are real people who move through their lives, but are constantly sort of “pining” for the other, without really acknowledging the fact…infinitely “sigh worthy” …funny and tremendously sweet. Highly Recommended – Morgan, The Blogger Girls

Though brief, it packs a lot of punch. And it’s also full of humor… Both characters are sweet and seem genuinely suited to each other – Highly recommended, Barb the Zany Old Lady, Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words

Reviews for the first edition:

One of the reasons I love this author so much is because she writes wonderful characters…a lovely story about second chances at love and life, but most of all about healing – Brie, Romance Around the Corner

I adored both characters although Chris stole a little piece of my heart…I highly recommend you read this one – Beverley, The Romance Studio.

Josh… is one of those gorgeous men who lacks self confidence. He’s a very sweet character. I loved his innocence; it complemented Chris’s jokester personality perfectly… It was written so brilliantly, as if I were just sitting down with the gentleman at the table eavesdropping on their conversation. – 4.5 stars, Coreopsis, Long and Short Reviews.

I loved Chris’ voice throughout this story… I loved his attitude and his frankness and he cracked me up multiple times. –  rated 4.5, JayHJay, Joyfully Jay.

It really is quite impossible not to like Chris… Through his cheerful narrative we get his perspective on what life is like for a disabled person… before a conclusion which was both very sexy and full of tender emotion. B+ – Jenre, Brief Encounters.

it was a pleasure to read this short story – Elisa Rolle

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Note: this second edition is substantially the same story as that previously published by Amber Quill Press.