Martin’s on a walking holiday in the Scottish highlands, trying to forget his ex, when he comes across a wildcat trapped in a snare. Releasing the animal gets him scratched and bitten for his pains—and that’s only the start of his problems.

At the village pub, Martin meets with an unexpectedly frosty welcome from the locals, while enigmatic Irish photographer Calum shows a strange interest in him. Calum’s intense lure is impossible to resist, even though all Martin’s instincts tell him to be wary.

But Martin’s nights are plagued with visions of hunting and snares—and free spirit Calum seems to have an unsettling insight into his dreams. The villagers have a secret to keep, and if Martin’s not careful, he could be the one caught in their deadly trap.

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“Snared” is a wonderful mixture of comedy and pathos, of past disappointment and future hopes. The shape-shifting twists were original and refreshing. –  Rainbow Reviews)